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~ Best of May


I love to share my best of lists and am delighted to pass along what is beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and helpful. Here’s some of what I was reading, and loving, this month:

Sometimes the best things are the simplest. I loved being reminded of this while reading Finding the Joy at The Creative Mama.

Speaking of simple, it doesn’t get more basic than this post over at The Calm Space.

What is Your Current Mantra or Reminder is the question Carolyn asked  at A Beautiful Ripple Effect.

I am not the only one who does a Five Minute Face. Check out Nicole’s version at Making It Lovely.

Melissa at Peace and Projects wrote a beautiful piece about How to Live Without Regrets that I highly recommend.

Go read everything John posted during May over at The 100% You.

At Become a Healthier You Evelyn shared 22 Ways to be Happy and Healthy.

Finding Focus in this Age of Distraction by Aileen at Kaizen Vision is not to be missed.

I hope you enjoy my selections as much as I did. Thanks to these bloggers and all the bloggers who share from the heart. Happy reading!

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~ Aging Gracefully with Christopher Foster


I think there is art to most everything we do in life and aging gracefully is certainly a good example of this. Being a good artist involves practice and study and I think learning from a master artist is the way to go.


Let me introduce you to one. Christopher Foster is just that, a man who has mastered the art of aging. At 79 years old he is one of the most gifted writers and bloggers out there and his message is one not to be missed.


Remember the scene in When Harry Met Sally when the woman in the restaurant says: “I’ll have what she’s having.”? That is how I feel about Christopher and his message he shares on his blog The Happiness Seeker where he delights us all with the best advice about growing older and living life to the fullest.


Luckily for us all, he didn’t stop there and has created a course called “How to Look (and Feel) 10 years Younger in 4 weeks: The True Promise and Potential of Aging”. There are other bloggers who touch on this subject but, at 79 years young, Christopher has walked his talk! His experience and wisdom are valuable and worth checking out especially if you wish to thrive throughout the aging process and not just looking to survive it.


Are you interested in the following?


1. How to find true bliss

2. How to discover new possibilities no matter what age you are.

3. How to overcome the challenges of aging

4. How to find new meaning and happiness

5. How to make wisdom your ally

6. How to be fit at any age.

7. How to look as young as you feel.

If you answered yes then Christopher’s course just might be the perfect one for you as his course is based on eight steps to get you there. We get a bit older each day. Are you willing to invest in the process, in your future?

I am proud to know Christopher and call him my friend. I am even prouder of all the hard work and time he has devoted to sharing his message and am thrilled to share it here as well. Check out what he has to offer and prepare to change for the better, one day at a time.

Growing older is not an option but, how we do it is. I think I am going to do it Christopher’s way and create a masterpiece of a life using all the crayons in the box!

~ The ABC’s of Inspiration


Here is what inspires me…

A: ambience…I am a sucker for the right place and mood.

B: beauty…I get fueled by all sorts of beauty from the natural to major bling.

C: compassion…It rocks both when it is extended to me and when I extend it to others.

D: dance…Nothing gets you out of your head faster than dancing.

E: emotions…I think acknowledging and honoring them makes life simpler and sweeter.

F: friends…I constantly learn from them and am supported by them.

G: garbage…Yes, garbage. I like to craft and one man’s trash can wind up my treasure.

H: hope…What is there without it?

I: imagination…Getting lost in the possible and bringing it to life pleases me to no end.

J: jokes…If you can’t laugh, you are missing the point of it all.

K: kites…Soaring while held and guided is priceless.

L: love…The reason for everything that truly matters.

M: marble…Soft and hard at the same time…I get that.

N: nature…Water, meadows, mountains, desert…everything about it moves me.

O: ocean…The peace, strength, awe and wonder of it all takes me away.

P: passion…It’s what keeps me going.

Q: quirks…Perfection is beyond boring.

R: reading…It takes me to places I need to go.

S: serenity…It can be hard sought at times and yet always within reach.

T: tomorrow…I am always inspired by what is to come.

U: understanding…Nothing is more precious than taking the time to really “know”.

V: vision…It all has to start there.

W: wonder…Finding joy in childlike amazement keeps a soul young.

X: x-rated…I love seeing how others share sexual expression.

Y: yellow…The pure color of cheer always inspires!

Z: zeal…It is an eagerness that can’t be faked.

What inspires you?

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~ Balanced Beauty: The 5 Minute 5 Product Makeup Session


I am all about balanced living and doing it gracefully. I am about finding satisfaction in all arenas of life including: nutrition, physical activity, mental/emotional health, and spiritual connection. That’s who I am and what I am about.


I like to look my prettiest.

Not Resse Whiterspoon’s prettiest or Demi Moore’s prettiest but my prettiest.

I have a very full life. It’s not typically a frantic one but, I do budget my time as wisely as possible to include all I wish to do. There isn’t the time, nor do I want to spend the time, on a beauty routine that takes hours nor do I want to spend an absurd amount of money on products that are all hype.

I have developed my makeup routine to 5 minute process using only 5 products. Honing my makeup routine to include quality products that are easy to apply and provide lasting results saves time and leaves me feeling my very best each day.

The 5 Minute 5 Product Makeup Session

Cover Girl Simply Ageless Foundation in Medium Light

I love products that work double duty and this one certainly fits the bill. It is a luscious, smooth foundation in a cream form that includes Olay’s Regenerist serum in it along with sunscreen. It goes on with a sponge and blends extremely well. This product gives me a clean canvas without looking heavy or caked on. Application time: 1 minute

Neutrogena Sheer Highlighting Blush in Fresh

I find this to be the perfect combination of soft pinks to give my face a rosy glow without looking like it comes from a compact. It isn’t sparkly and just kisses the skin with a hint of healthy color. Application time: 30 seconds

Revlon Color Stay Eye Shadow in Coffee Bean

This quad of browns range from a pale beige highlighter to the deepest chocolate brown liner with a lovely tan and dramatic copper rounding out the group. For my 5 minute routine I stick to applying the soft tan to my entire lid and using the copper in the crease and as a liner as well. I spend a little more time here as blending is key to getting a fresh and natural look. Application time: 2 minutes

Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara

This mascara does exactly what it says it does without clumping. It delivers fullness and length with a single swipe and lasts incredibly throughout the day. Application time: 1 minute

Wet ‘N Wild Lip Colors (ranging from nude to wine and everything in between)

Here is where I get some variety and change the colors according to my outfit for the day. I tend to use colored balms and glosses and don’t spend time on lining my lips with a pencil. I carry it with me during the day for touch ups as well. For spring I am favoring pinks in brighter tones with a hint of shimmer. Application time: 30 seconds

There you have my 5 Minute 5 Product Makeup Session!

Will it work for you? Why not give it a try? Here are some hints for developing your own speedy beauty routine that won’t break the bank or take valuable time away from your day.

Decide what you want to achieve. If your skin is flawless you may not need foundation at all. If you favor dramatic lips you may want to spend more time here and line them before applying a stain and then a shiny gloss. If your lashes are spare you may want a second coat of mascara.

Choose products you love. Rite Aid stores will accept returns on opened makeup if you have a receipt. It doesn’t matter if you return it just because the color is a bit off. They will gladly let you exchange it. Don’t settle for what you don’t adore. As far as department store makeup…let’s just say if you want to pay for the name and packaging, go for it. Remember though, many drugstore brands are owned by the same parent company as their pricy competitors and the quality is virtually the same in very many cases.

Don’t aim for someone else’s perfection. I can’t think of anything sadder than trying to look like someone else. You may favor the way a certain starlet applies her eye shadow but, if your goal it to look like said starlet that is a sign to me that maybe instead of making up the outside it is time to take a better look at what is inside. Putting on a gorgeous face should be a reflection of your beauty and not the girl of the moment Hollywood has deemed to be “it.” Embrace your own beauty and aim to enhance as opposed to fix.

Have fun! This should be 5 minutes spent looking in the mirror at someone you love and adore beyond words. Watch her smile, see how brightly her eyes shine, bat your lashes at her. Maybe she will even wink at you when she sees how just taking those 5 minutes to look and feel your best pays off.

(I am not affiliated to or sponsored by any of the products mentioned and include them here because they are personal favorites I am happy to recommend. Women helping women…now that’s pretty!)

Thoughts to ponder: Do you spend too much time or money on make-up? Do you shun a make-up routine altogether? Are you happy with the face you show the world?

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~ An Ode to Monday


It comes to us too soon you say

What the heck happened to my Saturday?

Was Sunday even there in between?

The week begins again, full steam!

Poor old Monday, greeted with a glare

Can this day really be evil? Is it even fair?

The alarm bell rings, do you spring out of bed?

Or do you face Monday with a snarl and dread?

What if Monday isn’t bad and it’s just how you see it?

What if loathing Monday is a habit you’ve repeated?

Becoming aware and changing your views

Just might put a step in those Monday shoes

You can greet Monday with a whole new glee

If you decide Mondays are special to me

A day to take charge of and create as your own

To examine your world and see how you’ve grown

A day to design and further your course

To be in the moment and not in remorse

A chance to make it shine this time

To strap on a smile and relish the climb

Monday’s an invitation to appreciate your life

To be grateful there is work to do, to overcome strife

It’s a fresh start, a new bloom, a call to action

So face it with a smile and see its attraction

Oh Monday, thank you for coming once more

To shower me with chances to fly and to soar

And instead of life where we hope for the weekend

Let’s cherish each Monday as a treasured dear friend

© Clearly Composed


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~ The Benefits of Daydreaming


“A daydream is a meal at which images are eaten.  Some of us are gourmets, some gourmands, and a good many take their images precooked out of a can and swallow them down whole, absent-mindedly and with little relish.”  ~W.H. Auden

I love to daydream. There is something childlike and innocent to me about just gazing out the window and letting thoughts flow through my head, choosing certain ones to spend time with and allowing others to pass on by.

Many consider it a waste of time since it isn’t “productive” nor does it serve a set purpose such as formal meditation does. Perhaps for some that is true but, for those of us who joyfully embrace a journey through our imaginations, there is much to be learned as we tune in to that special place inside where possibility resides.

What can you gain from daydreams?

You can try things on for size.

Imagine yourself living a completely a different life or having a fantasy occupation and really roll with it. Picture it in vivid detail, engaging all the senses and give gentle awareness to how you are feeling. After taking all the time you wish to explore ask yourself what there is to take with you from the dream. For example, if you envision being a world famous photographer you might imagine scouting out a location and setting up your shots in the perfect light, noticing the surroundings and composing an awesome shot. You may never be a professional photographer but the takeaway from your day dream might be that you are inspired to take a class on the subject. You can try anything on for size and see what you gain from it. Maybe daydreaming about being a very elderly woman will leave you with a more compassionate heart or dreaming about what your boss might have been like as a child will give you a different perception of why he behaves as he does.

You can use them to motivate yourself.

When I was training for my 5K last year I would often find myself thinking about the actual race and see myself cross the finish line with a huge smile on my face. I think those dreams played a part in lacing up my shoes on mornings when the idea wasn’t as appealing as it was on other days. That dream I held on to in my head was more powerful than the fleeting thoughts of missing a practice. Our dreams at night come to us but the dreams we have during the day we can create to serve as well as simply experience. We can build the set, cast the characters, and then let our minds weave the plot. We can then just play the part that the imagination gifts us with and harness it for the best, pulling from the mental scrapbook of images we are left with.

They can show you which areas of your life need your attention.

Have you ever found yourself uptight or anxious and then because of your self-talk you start to daydream about that which is bothering you most? You can see yourself being overwhelmed or exhausted and journey down that path in your mind. When your daydreams are less than pleasant those are the ones that seem to have the most to say, the ones that cry out to be noticed and understood. Sometimes they whisper and sometimes they shout. Listen for the messages though…get more rest…have that difficult conversation…take a walk…quit your job…love more.

Don’t write off daydreams as a luxury for those with too much time on their hands. They are gifts. They are explorations. They are respites. They are unique and they are powerful.

And they are waiting for you.

“Reverie is not a mind vacuum.  It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.”  ~Gaston Bachelard

Thoughts to ponder: Do you allow yourself the time to daydream? Has daydreaming helped you in the physical world? Can you hear what your dreams are trying to tell you?

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